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Chalukya Clan
(Chalukya Kuli)

The Chalukyas are descendents of Chalukya Dynasty. Chalukyas ruled at Karnataka in 6th to 8 century A.D. from Badami. Another branch of Chalukyas ruled between 973 A.D. to 1186  from Kalyan on Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Many kings, Queens and Generals in both the branches were followers of Jainism. The king Vinayaditya of Badami was pupil of Jain monk Udaidev Pandit. Ravikirti, General of Pulkeshi II was a Jain scholar and Sanskrit pandit.

Chalukyas of both the branches were followers of Yapaniya sect of Jains. Jain art, architecture and literature was flourished in Chalukya period.