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Kadam Kuli (Kadambs)

Kadams are descendents of Kadambs. The Kadamb Dynasty ruled on Karnatak in 345 A.D. to 530 A.D. from Banvasi in South Karnataka. This dynasty was found by Mayurvarman.

All Kadamb kings were followers of Jainism. The great Jain Achrya Samantbhadra,  was a Kadamb prince. Kadamb king built many Jain temples. These temples were called 'Pattadi Basadi' i.e. Royal temples. Queen Maladevi of this dynasty promoted Jainism. Another King Ravivarman made many rules to promote Jainism.

Another branch of Kadambs ruled on Goa and north Karanataka in later period. Kings of this branch also were followers of Jainism.

There are many Kadamb families in Goa who are followers of Jainism till today.