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Kalchuri Clan
(Kalchuri Kuli)

The Kalchuris are descendents of Kalchuri kings. This clan gave Kharvel,  the great emperor. He ruled in 2nd century B.C. He killed Pushymitra Shung and dismissed the Shung dynasty as Pushyamitra was against Jains and Buddhists. Pushyamitra was a Vedic bramhin and he had founded Shung dynasty by killing Brihadrath, the last emperor of Mouryan dynasty.

In the period of Kharvel. the Tamil kings also were persecuting Jains. Kharvel attacked Tamilnadu and taught them a lesson.

Kharvel organised a convention of 3000 Jain monks at Kumari Parvat and Jain Agams were compiled there.

The biography of Kharvel is inscripted at Hathigunfa in Orissa. This inscription begins with Namokar Mantra.

Another famous Kalchuri king was Bijjal. He ruled from Annigeri , Mangalvedhe and Kalyan (Karnatak) in 12the century.

Jains in Tamilnadu were again being persecuted. Kalchuri kings of Karnataka attacked Tamilnadu and established their kingdom.