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The Mores are descendents of Mouryan Dynasty. This dynasty was founded by
Chadragupta Mourya at Patliputra (Modern Patna in Bihar) in 317 B.C. Chandragupta was born in Mayurposag (Peacock tamer) community which was follower of Jainism. Moriyaputra, a Gandhar of Bhagwan Mahavir was from this community. Chandragupta became the first historical emperor of India. His empire included almost all of the south Asia. He defeated the Greek invaders.

Chandragupta was pupil of the famous Jain Acharya Bhadrbahu. Chandragupta ruled for 22 years and then became a Jain monk. After him his son Bindusar became the emperor. After him Ashok became the emperor. Both Bindusar and Ashok were follower of Jainism. After the war of Kalinga, Ashok adopted Buddhism. After Ashok his grand son Samprati became the emperor and ruled from Ujjain while Dashrath, another grandson ruled from Patliputra. Both were followers of Jainism and under Samprati's efforts, Jainism became popular in western India and Maharashtra.

Brihdrath was the last emperor of this dynasty. He was killed by his Bramhin General Pushyamitra Shung. He founded Pushy dynasty and started to persecute Jains and Buddhists. But this dynasty was there just for two years as Kharvel, the Jain King of Kaling attacked and killed Pushyamitra.

The 'Devak' of Mores is feather of peacock. This is because of their 'Mayurposag' (Peacock tamer) origin. The Mayurposag people used to offer feather of peacock to Jain monks for their 'Pinchhi'