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Rathod Kuli (Rathods/Rastrakuts)

Rathods are descendents of the famous Rastrakuts. The Rastrkut dynasty was founded by the brave Dantidurg. His kingdom was spread all over  Karantak, Maharashtra and Malwa. After him, Krishna II became the king. He built the famous temples at Verul. The great Jain Acharya Akalank was born in this dynasty.

In the Rashtrakut period, Jainism became a popular religion. The scholar of this subject Anant Sadashiv Altekar says: In Rashtrakut period, Jainism was popular in all sections of the society. Kings and layman, Generals and soldiers, Priests and farmers all were following Jainism'  Shivlilamrut, a famous Marathi Hindu pothi says about this period: 'All the four varnas and all eighteen castes were following Jainism.'

The King Amoghvarsh of this dynasty was pupil of the famous Jain Acharya Jinsen. In the period of Amoghvarsh, Mahaviracharya was a famous Mathematician. 

A baranch of Rastrakuts ruled from Kanoj (Rajasthan).

The Arab traveler Suleman  who travelled India in Rashtrakut period, has written in his book,' This kingdom was one of the four largest kingdom in the world'