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Salunkhe Clan
(Salunkhe Kuli)

Salunkhes are descendents of Solanki Dynasty of Gujarat. Solankies ruled on Gujarat before 900 years. Solankies were descendents of Chalukyas of Karnataka. Chalukyas were Jains and this tradition was also in Solankies.

Kumarpal Solanki was the famous king of this dynasty. He was pupil of Jain Acharya Hemchandra. Kumarpal became a king with help and guidance of Hemchandracharya. Kumarpal ruled between 1143 to 1172 A.D. He defeated the Turk invaders. Jainism became the religion of masses in the period of Kumarpal and the impact of Jainism on masses of Gujarat is till in existence.

Solanki is the famous clan of Oswal Jains. There are many Jain families in Gujarat and Rajasthan with this surname.