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The Yadavs/Jadhavs


The Yadavs/Jadhavs are descendents of Yadav clan of Mahabharat. Neminath, the 22nd Tirthankar of Jains was from this clan. He was cousin and spiritual guide of Shri Krishna. Once  Jarasandh attacked Dwaraka  and Shrikrishna was not there, the army of Yadavs fought with Jarasandh under Neminath's guidance. Late Shivaji Sawant, noted Marathi writer has written lot about Neminath in his novel 'Yugandhar' which is based on life of Shri Krishna. According to Jains, Shri Krishna will be a future Tirthankar of them.

The Jadhavs came in Maharasthra from Gujarat and they were descendetnts of King Subahu. The Jadhav dynasty of Maharashtra was founded at Anjaneri, a Jain pilgrimage center near Nashik. A Jadhav king renewed the famous Jain temple of Chandraprabhu near Nashik. Later they ruled from Devgiri. There is a Jain temple on the fort of Devgiri which belongs to this dynasty.

Lakhuji Jadhav, father of Jijamata was patron of the Jain temple at Antriksha Shirpur. This temple was under control of Maratha community until end of 19th century. Lakhuji's army had many Jain Generals. This house of Jadhavs was vegetarian.   

The Jain Harivansh Puran and Jain Pandav Puran give lot of information regarding Yadavs.

The Yadav Dynasty of Halebid (Karnataka) was great follower of Jainism.