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Chandragupta Mourya

 Chandragupta Mourya founded Mouryan Dynasty at Patliputra (Modern Patna in Bihar) in 317 B.C. Chandragupta was born in Mayurposag (Peacock-tamer) community. This community was follower of Jainism. Moriyaputra, one of Bhagwan Mahavir's Gandhar was from the same community. Chandragupta was first emperor of almost all the south Asia. He defeated Greek invaders.  

Chandragupta was disciple of Jain Acharya Bhadrabahu. After ruling of 22 years, Chandragupta became a Jain monk (Vishakhacharya) and migrated with Acharya Bhadrabahu and other to south India. He and others promoted Jainism in Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Chadragupta died by Sallekhana (the Jain way of death) at Shravanbelgola in Karnataka.

Chanakya was his teacher in political field while Bhadrabahu was his teacher in spiritual fields. Chandragupta got extra ordinary success in both the field beacuse of his talent under the guidance of his teachers.

Here you should know that the Chanakya was also a Jain and he became a Jain monk after Chandragupta. The Vedic Chanakya to whom we see in novels is false one. According to Vedics, Chandragupta was a Shudra and and it is not possible that a vedic Bramhin makes a Shudra his disciple.