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Jijabai was the daughter of Lakhuji Jadhavrao, who was descendent of the Jain Yadava kings of Devagiri, and a powerful Sardar at the court of Nizam Shah of Ahmednagar.  She was married to Shahji, son of Maloji, who  jahagirdar  of Pune and Supa and the fortresses of Shivneri and Chakan.

Her strong sense of duty, her courage and fortitude and self-respect were the highlights of her character which were passed on to her son Shivaji, the founder and revivalist of Maratha empire in the enclave of foreign rule in south India.

Jijabai had observed the plight of the land of Marathas being overrun repeatedly by the Moghal of Delhi and the Muslim kings of south.

She was blessed with a son whom she named Shivaji. Shivaji owed his greatness to the inspiration of his mother who implanted in him not only the idea of free Maharashtra but also imbued him with the ideas of tolerance, justice and fair play. These were the virtues that made Shivaji a great king. She was very brave and able administrator. She guided Shivaji to achieve these qualities. Jijabai had taught Shivaji to hold all women in great respect. This code of conduct was rigidly enforced by Shivaji and his lieutenant and counselors. It was also at the inspiration of his mother that Shivaji followed the policy of religious tolerance.

 She passed away peacefully in the village of Pachad at the foot of Fort Raigarh