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Kharvel was the emperor of Kalinga in 2nd century BC The Hathi Gumpha inscription at Udaigiri near Bhuvaneshwar (orissa) of 150 B.C. cleary describes that Kharavela brought the Kalinga Jina, the image which Nanda, the Magadh king taken to Magadh from Kalinga. This inscription begins with respect to Arhatas and Sidhas and deals with the boyhood of Kharvel, his education, enthroning, victory over many territories and deeds of public interest done by him. The inscription confirms Kharvel's faith in Jainism. He called a summit of Jain ascetics on Kumari hill for promoting Jainism. The Jain church honoured him by giving the title of Bhikshuraja, Khemraja and Dharmraja. The services of Kharvel to Jainism are memorable.