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The Non-Vedic Shrikrishna

                                               -Mahavir Sanglikar

We all know about the Vedic Krishna but was he a Vedic? Not at all.
His story clearly gives the details of his anti-Vedic activities. He
destroyed Yagyas and insulted/defeated Vedic Gods like Indra and

He was born in Yadav clan. Yadavs were Non Vedic and non Aryan
Chandravashi Kshatriyas. Probably the Yadavas were of Dravidian
origin. Shrikrishna, Neminath and all the Yadavas were blacks.
Yadavs, Jadhavs, Jadavs etc. of present days are descendents of the
Mahabharata Yadavs.

Shrikrishna was the main hero of Mahabharat and if you study
Mahabharat and Geeta in deep, you will find his belonging to Jain

He was cousin of Neminath, the 22nd Jain Tirthankar. According to
modern researchers, Ghor Angiras of Mahabharata was nobody else but

According to Jains, Shrikrishna will be 16th Tirthankar in next cycle
of 24 Tirthankars.

Radha and Shrikrishna

To defame Shrikrishna, the Bramhin writers wrote imaginary and false
stories of Radha, Shrikrishna and their love affair, and about the
Gopis. In the original Mahabharat, you will not find any Radha or
Gopi. Bramhins have corrupted the history of all the great persons
of non-vedic culture.