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                                                                                                        -Dr. H.C. Bharill

The life story of Swami Samantbhadra, who always remained away from worldly fame is practically unknown. It has been a characteristic of the Jain Acharyas that though they wrote splendid works, they did not write anything about their own lives. Whatever little is available, is not sufficient.

He was a prince of the Kadamb dynasty of kings. He was named Shanti Verma in his childhood. He was born in Uragpur town on the bank of the river Kaveri in the Deccan. He was alive till Vikram Samvat 138.

Nothing is known about his family life. He was initiated into the order of Digamber Jain saints at an early age. Then he passed through hard penances and obtained a very deep knowledge of God and Soul.

Besides being a great scholar of Jain Philosophy, he was an incomparable master of Logic, Grammar, Prosody, Poetry and Lexicography. He was possessed of a matchless power of exposition of the holy texts. He shattered the pride of perverted orators of religious thought. He writes :

"I roam about like a lion for exposition of the religious Truth."

The latter Acharyas have remembered him with great respect. He is known as the first writer of verses of adoration. He has imparted strength to lyric poetry. His verses of adoration are full of great logic.

He wrote Apta Mimansa. Tattvanushasan, Yuktanushasn Swaymbhu Stotra,, Jinstuti Shatak, Ratnakarand Shrawkachar Prakrit Vyakaran, Praman Padartha, Karma Prabhrit Tika an Gandh Hasti Mahabhasya (not available).

The present lesson has been written on the basis of the first chapter of Ratnakarand Shrawakachar.