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Samprati (220 B.C,)


Samprati was the grandson of Ashoka. The instructions of Ashoka such as to not kill the animals and birds, to not cut the forests without any purpose, to not kill creature are very near to Jainism than Buddhism. There is a possibility that the early faith of Ashok was Jainism and later he accepted Buddhism. But this is definite that his grandson emperor Samprati was Jain.

Samprati adopted Jainism from a Jain preceptor Acharya Suhasti. He preached Jainism in non- Aryan countries and established religious shrines for Jain devotees. He sent Jain missionaries to places for preaching Jain doctrines, Many scholars say that most of the inscriptions which are linked with the name of Ashoka were effected by Samprati.'