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Shahu Maharaj

 Shahu Maharaj was an invaluable gem in the history of Kolhapur. Such great people are born once in a thousand years and spread their light on us and our future generations. King Shahu was related to all progressive activities which contribute to the good of society right from business to womenís education. The peak years of his contribution for welfare to society were from 1894 to 1922. His main contribution was to education for which he took the initiative from revolutionary reformer Mahatma Jyotirao Phule. He gave importance to primary education since this is the base to an individualís progress.

Kolhapur is the mother of hostels and he was responsible for this great concept. Working for itís success was of pride to him and was his primary goal right unto his death. Food and other amenities were provided to students to create an environment to grow. He also gave attention to all other spheres from singing to wrestling to women's education.
He was a great man with a great foresight, a person to be admired and looked upon as an example of great success and hard work.

The district of Kolhapur is a stronghold of Jains who belongs to Shilahars and Rashtrakoots. The Jains in this rgion always supported Shahu Maharaj and his activities.  Annasaheb Latthe. the great Jain leader was the Prime Minister of Shahu Maharaj. With support of Shahu  Maharaj, he started the famous non-bramhin movement.