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Kshatriyasand Marathas


Marathas are well known Kshatriyas of Maharashtra. Maratha is a major community of Maharashtra and their traditional occupation is agriculture. They are not just name-kshatriyas, but kshatriyas by deeds. That is why they have a tendacy to join armed forces and Police Department. The Maratha Light Infantry has won 2 Ashok Chakra, 10 Param Vishisht Seva Medals, 4 Maha Vir Chakra, 4 Kirti Chakra, 1 ACCL II, 14 Ati Vishisht Seva Medals, 34 Vir Chakra, 18 Shaurya Chakra and many other war medals in various wars. The Marathas are also dominent in the politics of Maharashtra  

Maratha community is made of 60 Somvanshi and 36 Suryavanshi clans. Thus the total number of clans of Marathas is 96.