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Who Are Kshatriyas?

According to Vedic Hindu Theory, the Bramha created Bramhins from is mouth, Kshatriyas from his arm, Vaishyas from his stomach and Shudras from his feet. Jainism refuses this unbelievable theory.

According to Jainism, Rishabh, the first Tirthankar founded three varnas namely Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. Later, Bharat the elder son of Rishabh and the first Chakravarti founded Bramhin varn in absence of Rishabh. When Rishabh got this news, he said to Bharat, “It is your great mistake. These Bramhins will create problems for mankind. They will promote inequality in people”

According to Jain and Buddhist literature, Kshatriyas are nothing but those who own a farm, i.e. farmers.


By the way, four varns came into existence namely Kshatriys, Bramhins, Vaishyas and Shudras. Here you can see that the Bramhins got the second position, not the first in the four varns.

Kshatriya Clans:

All the kshatriys are descendents of Rishabh, the first Jain Tirthankar. This fact is clearly stated in many Hindu puranik literature like Bhagwat Puran, Bramha Puran, Vishnu Puran etc.

The clan of Rishabh was called Ikshwaku. So it is clan of all khsatiryas. Later two branches of this clan came into existence. First was Suryawanshi which was named after Adityayash (Ark kirti), the elder son of Bharat and the Grand Son of Rishabh and second Somvansh named after Somyash, the elder son of Bahubali. (Bahubali was younger brother of Bharat and son of Rishabh)

Later Suryavansh was divided into 36 clans and Somvansh was divided into 60 clans. Thus the total number of Kshatriya clans became 96