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Marathas and Jainism

 The 96 Maratha kulis are descendents of various Kshatriya dynasties. In each of the dynasty, many kings and generals were followers of Jainism and some them were Jain ascetics. I would like to give some examples here: 

Jadhavs: This is the oldest Maratha clan. Neminath, the 22nd tirthankar was from this clan. A Jadhav king rebuilt a Jain temple near Nasik in medieval period. Lakhuji Jadhav, the father of Jijamata was supporter of Jainism and many of his generals were followers of Jainism.

Mores: Mores are descendents of Mouryan dynasty. All the mouryan emperors were followers of Jainism. 

Kadams:  Kadams are descendents of Kadamb dynasty from Karnatak. Most of the Kadamb kings were followers of Jainism. This dynasty gave a great Jain acharya, Samantbhadra.

 Bhosales: Dr. R. C. Dhere, noted scholar from Pune has proved that Bhosles are descendents of Hoysala dynasty in Karnatak. This dynasty was founded by Jain acharya Sudattacharya. Most of the hoysala kings were Jains and ruled from Dwarsamudra-Halebid in Karnatak. But according to some scholars, Bhosales are descendents of Shisodiyas of Udaipur, Rajasthan. Shisodiyas were Jains and they still follow Jainism. 

Yadavs: Yadavs are descendent of Hoysalas, the dynasty founded by a Jain monk. 

Salunkhes: Salunkhes are descendents of Solankies, the Jain Kings from Gujarat. Kumarpal was one of the famous kings from this dynasty. Solankies were descendents of Chalukyas the Jain dynasty of Karnatak. 

Shelars: Shelars are descendents of Shilahar Kings of Kolhapur. The famous Jain kings from this dynasty were Marsingh and Bhoj II. Bhoj II built the famous fort of Panhala. Shilahar dynasty was founded by Vidyadhar Jimutvahan, a Jain king. 

Samants: Samants are descendents of generals of Shilahar kings. Nimbdev was the famous samant of shilahars and he promoted Jainism in south Maharashtra and north Karnatak. 

Sawants: Sawants are descendent of Sawant Jain kings in Karnatak. 

Pawars: Pawars are descendents of Gurjar Pratihars (Parmars) who were Jain kings. Parmars still follow Jainism. 

Rashtrakoots (Rathods): Rashtrakoots were famous Jain kings from Karnatak who built many Jain temples across Maharashtra and Karnatak.  Most famous kings amongst them were Rachmalla and Amoghvarsh. Rathods are descendents of Rastrakoots.


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